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FAQs Munnar Call taxis

We have examined the most made inquiries we get FAQ about Munnar call taxi which we trust will offer assistance. Here are the solutions for your questions about Call Taxi Booking. pause a minute to examine our rundown of frequently asked questions on cab booking. The answer you're searching for could be correct here.

Q: How soon would I be able to get a cab?

For utilization inside of a city, you must book the cab in any event hours before the trip time and for outstation use, no less than 8 hours before the adventure time. It is however prescribe to book as right on time as would be careful for numerous choices and aggressive rates.

Q: How you will charge for one day tour?

the present cab industry model is to charge two-way despite the fact that the client uses the cab for restricted go as the cab needs to return back to the voyage starting point unfilled. So we are not left with any decision other than charging two-route admission for restricted excursions too.

Q: What are the favorable conditions you would get renting a car from us?

We give quality car rental services at aggressive rates. We have cordial and effective staff to offer assistance. Every one of our cars are under 3 years of old, all around kept up and are driven by escorts who are very experienced and friendly.

Q: I need a luxury car for an exceptionally extraordinary event. In what manner would you be able to offer assistance?

We have a lot of luxury cars to make your unique event an extraordinary one. You can check the points of interest on our site.

Q: How would we guarantee your on-road safety??

For on- road safety, we give cars which are under 4 years, perfect, very much kept up cars and contract just respectful and experienced escorts knowledgeable with provincial courses. Our staff are dependable, and prepared to drive securely; thus, you can feel casual and agreeable about your wellbeing while riding one of our rental cars.

Q: Which are the most mainstream vehicles that can be enlisted as cars or taxis in Munnar?

Economy cars are the most looked for after ones for visitors who require the most temperate and standard travel accessible. The taxis that you ought to utilize will shift dependent upon your financial plan and no: of individuals who are going with you.

Q: When will you give the information about car and driver?

The driver and car point of interest is given no less than 2 hours before the planned pickup in email and through SMS. The email and SMS are given by you at the season of making the booking.

Q: What if the arrangement changes and the car is required for additional days or the outing should be cancelled or shortened.

We comprehend that the outing arrangement can change and if the car is required for additional time/days than what the car was occupied for or the trek is to cancelled or shortened, you can contact our 24x7 client support through email or telephone.

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